6 important things you should be aware of

Kährs is one of the world's oldest wood floor manufacturers still in business, having worked with wood for 150 years, we believe that we have experienced most things and would suggest that you should be aware of the following.

1. Wood floors are a natural choice

Wood is natural and grows in our forests. It is beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, creates an ambience that lasts a long time and is non-allergenic. Wood is also renewable, unlike plastics and many other modern materials, so when it has to be replaced, one day far in the future, it returns to Mother Nature.

2. Wood becomes more beautiful over time

All wood changes colour over time. Various species change when they are exposed to sunlight. Some species darken rapidly, while others change less dramatically and more slowly. Nature never stands still, that is the charm of a natural material.

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3. Smart floors are kinder to nature

A modern wood floor is constructed on the multi-layer principle. A floor with our construction is stable and stays level even during seasonal variations in temperature and air humidity. A solid wood floor, on the other hand, warps easily and cracks. Solid floors are also an unnecessary drain on natural resources. A Kährs floor makes economical, responsible and sensible use of natural resources without compromising its lifespan.
Just the opposite!

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4. WOODLOC ® - ideal with underfloor heating

A Kährs floor with Woodloc® is the world's leading quality floor with the world's best mechanical joint. Woodloc® does not just mean that the floor can be installed quickly and efficiently. It also guarantees that the floor stays flat and that gaps will never appear between the planks. The fact is that the Woodloc joint retains its strength throughout the floor's lifetime. So a floor from Kährs is also ideal with underfloor heating. 

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5. Do you want Wood that feels like wood?

The surface treatment on a wood floor must be strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, yet sufficiently thin and transparent that you can see and experience the feeling of nature. We have therefore developed an extra-strong lacquer that only needs to be applied in a thin layer, which retains the character of the wood.

Some wood floors have a layer of lacquer so thick that the floor feels plastic and artificial. If you want to feel even more texture, you can choose a floor with matt lacquer or natural oil.

6. Who will use the floor?

Who will be walking on it? Adults, children, pets? Do you wear outdoor shoes in the home? Where will it be installed, living room, kitchen, bedroom? The hardness of the wood can be a crucial practical factor when you make your selection. There are many species that look similar but differ dramatically in hardness. Choose the right species for the right room, situation and lifestyle.