The Rising Popularity of Dark Hardwood Flooring

As one of the newer trends in interior decoration, dark hardwood flooring is really making a mark in Auckland homes. For both new builds and renovations, more and more people and turning to dark woods and there are good reasons why. From the perfect contrast to a professional finish, darker hues are highly versatile and they come with all the added benefits of wood!

Let’s examine dark hardwood and the décor and design options that suit it perfectly.


What is Dark Hardwood?

Dark hardwood is a type of timber that has been stained and finished to have a deep, dark appearance. Typically oak, walnut and jarrah are the best types of timber suited to this treatment as they already have a nice dark appearance.

Why Choose Dark Hardwood?

Apart from its deep and graceful appearance, darker hardwoods are a great choice of flooring due to the fact that they are durable, sturdy and quite resistant to scratches and other damage. They are also easy to clean and maintain – just remember to use recommended cleaning products.

What Are They Suited for?

Dark hardwood floors can suit a variety of different home decoration and design schemes. They are just as suitable for those looking for a traditional, old-fashioned look for their home or business as they are for those who a looking towards the more trendy or modern appearances.

Design Advice

Let’s take a look at some decorating and design tips so you know what sets a dark timber floor apart.


Dark hardwood flooring can be used to effectively create contrast in your home or business. If you have light wall colours, lightly coloured furniture and light curtains – creams, whites or off-whites – then a dark hardwood floor can really pop out and create a stark contrast between the brightness of the rest of your décor.

With Dark Furniture

If you already have darker shades of furniture, don’t fear. Matching your furniture to your floor is a very easy way to make your space appear elegant and well matched. However, it may be worth choosing a lighter colour for your walls – just to ensure that the place doesn’t feel heavy or overbearing.

Let There Be Light

One way to create a sleek, good-looking feeling for your rooms is to place several lamps in the corners or against the walls. These splashes of light will help to illuminate the darkness of your floors and create a nice feeling of contrast between your flooring and your walls.

We’ve Got a Huge Range

The Wooden Floor Company has a large range of all types of wooden floors – including darkly stained hardwoods. Come down to our Auckland showroom to explore our stock or give us a call for more information. We’d love to hear from you! 

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