Taking Care of Your New Wooden Floor

Choosing wood for your brand new floor is truly an investment. It can promote warmth in your homeand professionalism for your business, and when properly cared for, it is a gift that keeps on giving. To keep your floor looking as amazing as it is the day it’s installed, simply keep up a regular care and maintenance routine.  The Wooden Floor Company is happy to share some of our top cleaning and maintenance tips with you to make this process even easier. Read on to find out more.

Avoid Regular Cleaning Products

One thing to consider is how you’ll be cleaning your new hardwood floors. Using everyday bleach and cleaning sprays may be convenient and cheap but you may end up causing irreparable damage to your beautiful new floor. It is well worth investing in some specialist wood cleaners that are designed to care for and sustain your flooring.

Take Care When Moving Furniture

When bringing in new pieces of furniture or re-arranging your existing décor, be very careful how you move it about. Ideally, you’ll want to pick it up and set it down in its new location, but if you must drag it around make sure to place squares of fabric under the legs or fold up some towels or sheets – this way you won’t be scratching and damaging your lovely new wooden floor.

Vacuum, Don’t Sweep

Vacuuming is the ideal way to keep your timber floor clean. While it may not be as energy efficient as sweeping, a good strong vacuum will ensure that all the dirt and debris that can get stuck in the cracks between your floorboards will be removed, keeping your floor and your home looking clean and fresh.

Use Sheer Curtains or Blinds

Direct exposure to harsh sunlight can cause your solid wood flooring to fade over time. Prevent this from happening by using sheer window coverings that will protect your floor from those UV rays.

Shoes Off!

This is a good tip for anyone who wants to keep a tidy home. High heels and boot heels can really damage finished wooden floors. Remove your shoes at the door and ask your guests to do the same. For those business owners who cannot have this rule due to health and safety issues, please just make sure that you and your staff take care when walking over your new floor!

Invest in Some Rugs

Big thick rugs can really pop out when well positioned over some natural wood flooring. They are also great ways to protect your floor in high traffic and spill-prone areas!

Clean Spills Immediately

If drink or food happens to spill on the floor make sure that you get a damp cloth and clean up the mess immediately – otherwise you’ll be left with a stubborn stain that may only be able to be cleaned by a professional.

There you have it! Follow these steps to keep your new timber floor looking great. For even more peace of mind for your new floor, invest in a product from The Wooden Floor Company and enjoy our 30-year guarantee