It feels good to have new hardwood floors installed in your home or office! Now that the flooring is laid, it is time to consider ongoing maintenance to keep the wood in the best conditioning possible. Even though hardwood flooring has been around for a while, there are varying opinions about the best care and treatment for the materials.

Professional Advice is Essential

While you can find information online about cleaning hardwood flooring, the best advice you will receive comes from the professional team that handled the installation. Ask your contractor about the right and wrong ways to clean the floors. They can offer personalised advice based on the specific materials that have been installed in your home.

Type of Flooring in Your Home

You need to understand that there are different types of hardwood floors, and each of these materials requires different care. So, you need to know if you have solid wood, engineered wood, or even laminate flooring.

Engineered wood is gaining in popularity because of the many benefits that are available. These products are designed to have the appearance of wood, without many of the problems that can occur from solid wood installation. The surface is genuine wood, with a foundational structure that offers more durability.

Simple Cleaning Steps

Here is a general guide that you should follow when cleaning the floors:

·       Remove Loose Debris: Start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove any dirt, rocks, or other debris that has collected on the flooring. This step should always be completed before mopping the floors.

·       Damp Mopping: Instead of using a mop that is dripping, make sure that the mop is just damp. Using minimal amounts of water is important to reduce the risk of staining and warping on the wood.

·       Spills: When something is spilled on the flooring, it is essential to wipe the spot as soon as possible. Don’t let the drink or food sit on the floor for a long time because it could possibly leave a stain.

·       Detergents: Never use detergent based soaps or products that are labelled as “mop and shine.” These products can damage the finish of the wood or leave a film on the surface of the flooring.

Do you have questions about cleaning and caring for your wood floors? Then we are here to help! Call us at The Wooden Floor Company, the leading flooring contractor with more than 30 years of industry experience in the Auckland area.


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