The appearance of hardwood flooring in a home or office is a stunning touch to improve the design and style of each room. But, did you know that it is possible to achieve this appearance with alternative materials instead of basic wood planks? Before you assume that a specific type of flooring is needed for your home, it is important to explore your options so that you have the quality living space that you deserve.

What is the Difference Between Wood and Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is designed to look like wood, but it performs differently in the installation and ongoing wear and tear. Additionally, unique care requirements need to be addressed to protect the quality of the flooring. As a general rule, vinyl flooring tends to be cheaper than hardwood, but you will be giving up some of the benefits that are available from having real wood in your home.

Real wood floors help to add the grounding features that make your home feel comfortable. Additionally, there is something about the natural wood that creates a unique touch to improve the overall ambiance and appearance of the room. If you are working to create a luxury living space, then wood should take priority over vinyl planking.

Real wood or engineered wood can also help you avoid common issues that are faced with vinyl flooring. For example, if vinyl is scratched or dented, then it can’t be buffed or repaired without replacing the floorboard. This damage can happen from something simple, such as dragging a chair or table across the room. On the other hand, restoration can be completed on wood to ensure the long-term beauty of the flooring.

Consider Engineered Wood Flooring as an Alternative

If you are looking for a better solution for your home, then you need to consider the benefits that come from engineered flooring. These products are designed to be eco-friendly, offering a perfect cut to ensure a tailor-made fit in your home.

If you choose a quality supplier and installation team, then you can rest assured to know that engineered wood floors can last as long as 30 years. Choose the 15 mm flooring range to ensure durability and optimal performance in your home.

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