When you start a family, they become the most important thing in your life. This means that home you live in needs to be a safe place for them. As your home is a place in which you’ll spend a lot of time and relax, you’ll want it to look and feel beautiful. A question you might find yourself asking is what flooring options are child-friendly or if the wooden flooring on sale in Auckland is child-friendly. We’re here to assist you in answering that question.

  • Wooden Floors

Just because you’re starting a family doesn’t mean you need to compromise on having a stylish home and turn your home into a nursery with rubber flooring. The important thing for you is to have child-friendly flooring that still looks good.

Carpeting is a popular choice for homes with babies or toddlers just learning how to walk. They tend to fall a lot, and a carpet can prevent them from getting hurt by padding their fall. However, carpets tend to hold dust, dirt and allergens which could cause sinus and breathing problems.

Laminate flooring is another popular option for parents as they are scratch resistant. However, with this comes the concern of making sure that your child never spills anything, as this type of flooring will warp when in contact with water.

  • Alternate Options

Wooden floors are ideal for your home because they’re easy to clean and stunning to look at – while eliminating the two concerns listed above.

There are different kinds of wooden floors with levels of durability and hardness that can benefit you as a parent with a young child. You’ll find that modern wooden flooring can be treated to withstand scratches and won’t be sensitive to water. As for worrying that your child could fall and hurt themselves, you can improve your home’s looks and safety by investing in a few eye-catching rugs that can be cleaned and removed as and when needed.

If you’re still not sure what floor would be best for your home or you need more information about wooden flooring in Auckland, you can come to The Wooden Floor Company where we can help you choose the perfect hardwood flooring for you and your family.

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