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Environmentally safe wooden floors

Environmentally safe

With their commitment to eco-friendly design, all Kährs floors are manufactured on an environmentally safe basis.  Their timber flooring contains fewer chemicals than other brands and generates minimal chemical emissions. All Kährs boards are packaged to ensure that your precision cut fitting timber flooring arrives in perfect condition, tailor-made for your design.

Kahrs 30 year tech guarantee


Because we stand by our products, your flooring investment is protected by our guarantees. We provide all our clients with guarantees of 30 years for the Kährs 15 mm flooring range and 12 years for the 7 mm (Linnea) range.

woodlock from Kahrs

Woodloc® the strongest joint

Kährs are the original developers of the breakthrough Woodloc® method of joining boards. Woodloc® ensures very tight timber joins which are almost seamless and protect the wood from warping and the joints from separating or gapping.

Wood expands contracts and reacts to moisture, which directly affects joints. The Woodloc® joint process is far superior to other joining methods, preventing gapping and damage to floor integrity.

Kährs Woodloc® has a unique record of timber flooring installation worldwide, with 25,000,000 m2 of Woodloc® flooring installed since introduction. 

laying a woodloc wooden floor

The easiest installation

The innovative Woodloc® joining method also makes installation much simpler and quicker. The strong joins and high tensile stress integrity of Woodloc® flooring allow timber floors to be accurately custom-fitted and laid onsite in any configuration. 

underfloor heating with wooden floor

Kährs and underfloor heating

Kährs 15mm multi-layer parquet floors or 7 mm Linnea floors can be safely laid over underfloor heating.

Technical issues to be considered with underfloor heating -

1.      The surface temperature of the floor must not exceed 27 Celsius. This thermal profile requirement also relates to floors installed with heating equipment and fittings, like radiator pipes and floor areas exposed to direct heating.

2.  Beech and hard maple naturally expand and contract more than other timbers. It is recommended to consult with your timber flooring specialists regarding any possible issues related to your heating system. 

wooden floor climate stability

The best climate stability

Wood, being a natural material, responds to climate conditions seasonally. The expansion and contraction of timber can cause the movement of boards. Kährs timber floors are designed to deliver the perfect balance to minimise floor movement.

the strength of wooden floors

The strongest surface and the best finish

The surface of a floor is subjected to considerable wear and tear. Kährs timber flooring is designed to maintain an excellent finished surface in combination with very high durability and long product life. A super-strong lacquer is used to maintain surface appearance and resist wear. 

wooden floors that retain colour

Your Kährs Floor Won't Turn Yellow or Discolour

Kährs' high tech UV-cured acrylic finish is designed to be highly resistant to common household stains for up to 24 hours and will not yellow or fade over time.

traditional solid wood cut

Traditional solid wood cut

The Kähr's method of woodcutting, known as plain sawn, is the same technique used for our wood floors. The result is a much finer, more traditional wood grain that completely eliminates the splitting associated with peeled veneers.

Kahrs wooden floor constuction

Kährs - The same as a solid

Kährs timbers incorporate a plain-sawn wear layer which can withstand the stresses and strains of daily use for decades. This wear layer is super-tough and is made to protect floor surfaces. It also makes cleaning easy and ensures that your timber floor is always looking great.