Kahrs Wooden Flooring options
Our Swedish heritage characterises our business in many ways, from our deep-rooted respect for the environment and our commitment to quality, to the clean, Scandinavian design of our floors.
— Kährs philosophy


With more than 150 years in the timber flooring business, Kährs is one of the oldest, as well as one the most innovative flooring companies in the world. This Swedish-born company has a long history of introducing ground-breaking wood flooring technology and we can deliver these benefits to you.

As one of Europe’s leading wood floor producers, you can find Kährs in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theatres and sports arenas from China to the US. Originally founded in Sweden in 1857, these iconic wood floors are now available around the world, offering a high-quality and eco-friendly floor that is ethically sourced from sustainable growing environments.  A wood floor will last for generations, saving natural resources and this is at the heart of the Kährs philosophy.

Timber Flooring Solutions Overview

Key features and benefits of Kährs timber floors include:

·         Range of timbers - a truly vast selection of timbers and excellent décor selections are available

·         The very latest technologies in engineered wood flooring – Kährs harnesses top quality solutions, ensuring an exceptionally long life and durability in any environment

·         Meticulous quality standards – All Kährs timber floor products are subject to strict quality assurance standards.

·         Design choices – The huge selection of different timbers and floor design styles is one of the reasons these timber floors are the true "designer standard"   

When you buy Kährs, you're buying the best timber flooring in the world. Explore the information below to learn more.