What is the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen?

Kitchen construction and renovation is exciting and it’s important to get right too. After all, it’s one of the rooms that you’ll be spending the most time in, apart from your living space. When it comes to flooring, it pays to make sure that everything is perfect – your layout, your paint job, your decoration and of course, your floor. Let’s investigate the best type of flooring for your kitchen.

Timber Flooring

Another option for kitchen floors is timber – either hardwood or softwood. Wooden floors look amazing, especially if they feature a slick finish. For those preferring a more rustic look, unfinished floors may also be an option. Timber flooring is durable, and can stand up to impact damage, especially if it’s a strong hardwood floor. Just make sure to treat it using the appropriate materials and clean up any spills or splashes as they occur!

Ceramic Tiling

This type of flooring is very traditional and is a good bet that you really can’t go wrong with. You have a great variety of choice when it comes to shape, size, pattern and colours and you can create a look that will suit your kitchen and the rest of your home or business. Tiles will stand up to a great deal of punishment and are very easy to clean – a basic wipe or mop will get rid of most splashes. However, tiling is very hard so if you drop something breakable it is probably going to shatter on impact. You’ll also need to keep the grout clean and it will need replacing from time to time.


Vinyl is another option for kitchen flooring. It can come in a range of different designs and finishes, such as tiles or sheets that mimic more traditional types of flooring such as timber or ceramic. It’s also a relatively inexpensive choice for flooring, as suits those doing DIY on a budget. It’s a breeze to clean, easy to patch, and it is quite comfortable to walk on. However, vinyl can suffer from wear and tear over time and can form unseemly bubbles or curls. It can also rip, and bits of dirt and debris, as well as exposure to sunlight,  can ruin its finish.


Now this is an unusual option, but for those who prefer a trendy, industrial look in their home or commercial kitchen, concrete may be ideal. Concrete can be stamped, scored and stained in a great variety of appearances! It stays cool even in the peak of summer, and is practically bulletproof – so don’t worry about those spills or stains! This also means that dropping things on concrete will almost certainly cause them to break. Concrete is also difficult to work with, so you will probably have to pay for professional installation.

The Hardwood Flooring Experts

At The Wooden Floor Company, we can provide a wide range of finishes perfect for almost any room in your home. Call one of our friendly staff to talk about the right wood finish for your or visit our Auckland showroom to see all the options for yourself. 

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