Reduces the risk of damage during renovations and new builds. 

When it comes to building projects, sometimes it’s the little things that spoil the experience for a client. Like a nasty scratch on a lovely wooden floor.

Renovations and New Builds

Here’s why Floorcover makes such good sense:

Save time.

It has pre-glued backing, so you just roll out and cut to size.


Stays in place.

Once layed, it doesn’t slide around.


It’s tough.

Floorcover is made of a ductile material that is almost tear-proof.

No tape required.

It’s pre-glued, so there’s no mucking about with tape.


Climbs stairs with ease.

It’s pre-glued, so it bonds to both tread and riser.


Works everywhere.

Parquet, wall-to-wall carpets, tiles, laminates, PVC, stone and the list goes on.


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