Wood Hardness Ratings – Buy a Floor That Stands the Test of Time

Everyone wants value for money and this is no different when it comes to choosing a timber floor. You want something that is going to stand up to foot traffic and sunlight, as well as the test of time. Hardness ratings are one way to find out just what you’ll be getting from your brand new floor. Let’s explore the different sorts of timber and their rating to discover which option will provide you with the best value for money.

The Hardness Rating

All timber is rated on a scale of hardness, also known as the“Janka” scale. This is a test which measures the force required to embed a thick steel ball into half the diameter of a piece of wood. This is the most effective and proven way to measure the ability of wood to stand up to denting, wear and tear. It is worth keeping in mind that most hardwoods and many softwoods are more than sturdy enough to stand up to normal use as flooring, but no matter the hardness rating, all wood is going to dent with a large enough force!

The Hardest

First of all, let’s check out some of the toughest timbers going around. These sturdy woods will endure almost anything that you throw at them. The highest rated type of timber is Brazilian Walnut. This is a beautiful type of timber that offers superior performance and tough durability. However, due to its country of origin, it is not widely available, especially in the Southern Hemisphere.

Next up is another Brazilian timber. Brazilian Cherry is another naturally beautiful wood with a deep, rich colouration and superior level of hardness – making it ideal for both residential and commercial use in flooring. It is also highly resistant to rot and fungi, naturally resistant to wood-loving insects, making it a choice of flooring that will truly stand the test of time!

Middle of the Range

There are some timbers that might not have the highest hardness rating but are still very suitable for use in flooring.  White Oak is one such timber. It is a widely available wood that is straight grained with a coarse texture, but when treated it looks amazing. With a history of being used to build ships, this wood is known to be durable and to stand up in rough conditions.

The Best Rating for Flooring

So what’s the best Janka rating when choosing a timber for your flooring? While the highest in the world is 4000, this would be a silly choice because it would be impossible to saw and work with. On the other hand, a much lower rating would make the wood far too soft for use in renovation and building. Ideally, you want to be looking at timbers with a rating of 1000 and above – although there is more than just a timber’s rating to take into account when choosing your floor. You also want to consider aesthetic, ease of cleaning and maintenance and how easy it is to install, among other things.

The Wooden Floor Company has a variety of timbers, ranging from hardwoods to soft and everything in between. We pride ourselves on finding the right wood for every project balancing appearance, performance, affordability and more. Please contact us for more information. Simply email or call us to make an enquiry or to organisequote.

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