5 Questions to Ask Before Installing Hardwood Flooring

Have you been dreaming about the installation of hardwood flooring in your home or office? New floors can transform the appearance of the property, helping to improve comfort and first-impressions when people come to visit.

If you are thinking about wooden floors, then you need to schedule a consultation for expert advice. These are five questions you might ask during your appointment:

1. Should I Choose Solid Wood or Engineered Flooring?

Solid wood flooring and engineered wood can create the same appearance. But, the construction of the materials influences the long-term results of the installation. Solid wood is beneficial if you want to sand and refinish the flooring multiple times. Engineeered flooring tends to be more stable and durable in changing temperature and climate conditions.

2. What Type of Wood Will Look Best?

The colour and species of the wood depends on your preferences and the overall appearance of the room. Dark colours often create a stately and refined appearance. Medium colours can be used to make the room cosy and warm. Light colours are perfect if you want to create an open, airy feeling in the room.

3. Will the Floors Get Scratched with Regular Wear and Tear?

After the new floors are installed, some homeowners are worried about potential damage to the surface of the flooring. There are a few things that you can do to minimise the damage. First, use rugs and floormats to gather grit and dirt that is tracked in from outside. Also, never walk on the floors with high heels or sports cleats.

4. How Can I Maintain the Shine of the New Wooden Floors?

Avoid using a steam mop or wet mop that can cause problems with the finish of the floors. Regular use of this equipment can cause the floors to look dull over time. If liquid spills on the floor, then it is important that you wipe up the mess as soon as possible. Allowing the spills to remain on the flooring could result in warping of the wood and damage to the finish.

5. Is a DIY Installation a Good Way to Save Money?

Flooring installation is a lot more complicated than many people realise. Not only will a DIY project risk the quality of materials that are purchased, but you also need to spend money on the tools that are needed. The best solution is to hire an expert team to ensure the installation is completed to the right specifications. Our team will consider details such as expansion gaps, working around obstructions in the room, and minimizing the risk of cutting mistakes.

For more information, contact us at The Wooden Floor Company. Our company offers more than 30 years of experience with floor installation in the Auckland area.