So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get wooden flooring in Auckland home. The next question you’ll be asking yourself is what’s required to maintain them. There’s a perception that wooden floors are high maintenance and that you’ll need a team of cleaning experts at your beck and call, 24.7. It might have been true in the past, but these days wood floors are no longer a full-time cleaning job. Follow these easy tips for keeping your wooden floors in tip-top shape for years to come – no cleaning crew, fancy machinery or complicated chemicals required.

Tip #1: Soap Up & Rinse Up Regularly

Use a soft, cotton mop to clean up your wooden floors at least once a week. It doesn’t need to get filthy first, as regular cleaning will maintain its beautiful look. Have a bucket with soap for washing and another with clean water for rinsing. Remember: Use a damp mop, NOT a wet one. You don’t want to cause swelling and decay.

Tip #2: Don’t Overdo It On The Soap Front

Use cleaning products in moderation. Too much product can abrade your flooring, so follow the instructions on the cleaning product package if you’re unsure.

Tip #3: Make Sure You Use Specific Wood Cleaning Products For Your Floors

The next time you’re at the supermarket, look for material-specific products. It doesn’t help to get something for cleaning bamboo if you have timber floors. It will help you provide the right type of cleaning and treatment, without causing damage.

Tip #4: Wipe Each Mess As It Happens

If you spill something, don’t wait for it to dry up and create a stain before you wipe it. It will make it harder to clean and necessitate scrubbing, which isn’t great for wood. Getting rid of each mess as it crops up will also keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Tip #5: Give It A Good Polish Every Now & Then

Top up your cleaning with a protective coat for the long haul. You don’t have to do this as often as you need to clean them, but make sure you do it nonetheless. It will form a thin protective layer on your floor’s surface, keeping it looking vibrant and healthy.

Tip #6: Schedule A Professional Clean Once In A While

It doesn’t hurt to get some expert help to do the job right. If you’re dealing with old or damaged floors, you might need professional assistance. You can also take the opportunity to upgrade your flooring for something low maintenance. The Wooden Flooring Company has plenty of suitable flooring options for Auckland homes, so contact us today if you’re ready for something new.