Renovating your home is a fun but expensive exercise.

On the one hand, you want to enjoy the home you’re currently living in, but at the same time, you need to make wise financial decisions that you won’t regret later. Changing up your flooring is a significant investment to make, and many people feel like because of this, they need to choose the most practical option – even if it doesn’t appeal to them. If you’ve always wanted wooden floors in your home but have dismissed the idea as being too expensive, then this blog is for you. Research and sales data indicates that installing wood flooring in your home could have a return on investment you’d never have anticipated.

Focus On Your ROI

When adding something to your home, you don’t expect it to retain its value forever. When purchasing new wallpaper or installing a splashback, you realise that while these elements might be around after you’ve sold your home, that they won’t necessarily add value to your resale price. When it comes to wooden flooring Auckland, the opposite is true. According to, hardwood floors could give you an 80% return on your initial investment. It also can add up to 2.5% to your home’s selling price. According to records, the average sale price of an Auckland home was $917,150 last year. With wooden flooring installed, you could be looking at an almost 23,000 extra dollars in your pocket after you sell your home.

Make Sure You Do It Right

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you need to consider the fact that you won’t experience this value with any old wooden floors that you try to install yourself. To maximise the value you get from it; it obviously can’t look run down, dull or scratched. It also can’t be bumpy, loose or uneven. You shouldn’t just look for the cheapest wood on the market and try to install it yourself. You need to locate a reputable company that will measure your home’s dimensions and plan your floor layout before laying it perfectly. You will also need to take responsibility and ensure that you maintain it as required.

To make sure your wooden floors are an investment you won’t regret, contact the Wooden Floor Company to have yours installed. We’ll get it right so you can look forward to the best possible ROI in the future.