pre-finished floors - Frequently asked Questions

What does pre-finished mean?

Precisely milled and manufactured in Sweden, Kährs flooring is pre-finished. This means that 5 coats of polyurethane are applied before leaving the factory and it is ready to walk on at time of installation.

What is a floating floor?

The flooring is installed over a 3mm foam underlay.

What is the difference between a real wood floor and a laminate?

A real wood floor is a completely natural product, made from 100% genuine wood. Laminate floors although having a similar appearance to wood, are either made of Formica or plastic and as such cannot recreate the unique natural beauty of a wood floor. There is also no refurbishing a Formica laminate.

How much does it cost?

Kährs's average cost is $160.00 - $180.00 per m2 installed plus GST.
Linnea's average cost is $95.00 per m2 installed plus GST.

Does it come in Rimu?


Do you have installers? 


Do you have it in stock?

Yes, a good selection is always available, however some species may be indent with a delivery time of 8-10 weeks.

Which one is the hardest?

 In the Kährs range Jarrah, Jatoba and Merbau are the hardest.

Will it fade in the sun?

Yes, the polyurethane changes colour. The lighter woods deepen somewhat and dark woods lighten somewhat.

Will the joints open in sunlight?

No, especially with adequate ventilation.

What about in areas such as bathrooms and ensuites?

An extra coat of polyurethane must be applied after installation.

Can you use underfloor heating?

Yes, provided the temperature does not exceed 27 Celsius.
(In certain dry climates Hard Maple and Beech may not be suitable. 
Please contact The Wooden Floor Company for further details).

What are the advantages of a Kahrs wood floor?

Over 60 years ago Kährs pioneered a unique three layer construction of their wood floors and their carefully controlled moisture content eliminates up to 70% of the movement normally associated with solid timber flooring. Kährs wood floors therefore do not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor. The boards lock together to give a perfectly flat floor with almost invisible joins. Because they are not glued they can be easily separated and relaid elsewhere.

Do wood floors carry a guarantee?

Not all wood floors are guaranteed. Kährs wooden floors, however come with a 30 year guarantee for Kährs pre-finished against delamination, twisting and the structural integrity of the board provided that maintenance instructions have been observed. Kährs Linnea has a 12 year guarantee against delamination, twisting and the structural integrity of the board provided that maintenance instructions have been observed.

Is installation included?

The Wooden Floor Co. have contractor flooring installers, therefore can provide the total package; - supply and install and ongoing after sales service.

Do you deliver?

Yes, at a small charge.

What kind of glue do you use?

Where necessary a PVA based glue is used on the joints, and we use urethane based glues for directly sticking the floors to the substrate (glue down method).

Can I install the floor over vinyl or tiles?

Yes, if you use the floating method of installation (over foam underlay).

Do I have to have a beading around the edge of the floor?

The timber expands, a 5-8mm gap is left and ideally covered by skirtings after the floor is installed, otherwise, beadings can be used or a flexible sealant.

How do I get rid of scratches and stains?

Phone The Wooden Floor Company for a solution.

Can the floors be re-sanded?

1. For normal wear and tear for both Kährs and Linnea, one further coat can be applied after cleaning the polyurethane surface lightly; this can be done many times.
2. Kährs - yes, they can be fully sanded back to the wood 3 times.

Do high-heeled shoes damage the floor?

Yes, stiletto-type high heels will damage any wooden floor surfaces.

Will the floor be higher/lower at the carpet junction?

No, carpet to floor be height is generally the same or adjusted to make it level. Linnea is lower so the carpet will need to be folded under.

Can I lay Kahrs flooring myself?

Yes, using Kährs Woodloc. Click here to see how.


What thicknesses are available for solid wood floors?

12 mm - 19mm. We recommend 19mm for stability

What width of planks are available?

Finished widths of 83mm or 128mm are standard but special 'runs are available at extra cost.

Are Australian Eucalypts available in New Zealand?

Yes. Australian Eucalypts are being grown successfully in New Zealand and are readily available and suitable for wooden floors.

Can solid wood flooring be 'floated'?

No. All solid wood floors are directly glued and/or secret nailed. The 19mm flooring may be directrly nailed to floor joists, without a substrate.

Do solid wood floors last longer than pre-finished, laminated flooring?

Generally no. With both solid and prefinished flooring, the wear layer is what is available above the 'tongue' and in 15mm prefinished flooring, this is about the same as in 19mm solid flooring, once it is installed, sanded and coated with polyurethane.

Can solid wood floors come as a prefinished product?

Solid wood floors must be sanded at installation to give an even surface, ready for polyurethane.

Can solid wood flooring be installed over underfloor heating?

This is not advisable. Moisture content may vary between boards.