Protect Your Clients’ Wooden Flooring With Top Quality Floor Covers

One of the main challenges you’ll face when working in construction is avoiding creating damage. Big machines, constant foot traffic and rough building materials being dropped or dragged make it difficult to work delicately on any site. So, how do you protect your client’s floors during a renovation or new build? The Wooden Floor Company has figured out a way to help you protect wooden flooring, carpets and tiled floors to keep them in pristine condition throughout a construction project. Our Floor Cover product is designed to work on a variety of floor types and it offers you a wealth of benefits too.

What Is Floor Cover?

As the name suggests, Floor Cover is a protective material that can be placed on different types of flooring. It’s durable, ductile and versatile as well as scratch, scuff and tear-resistant, so it allows you to go about your work without worrying you’ll leave scratches and scuff marks.

How Does It Work?

Our flooring protection product comes in the form of a self-adhesive roll, which you simply roll out on the stretch of flooring you wish to protect, then cut to size. It has a firm grip from a super strong adhesive so won’t budge until being manually removed. It really is that simple! Floor Cover enables you to easily clean up after yourself and leave the floors you’ve been walking and walking on looking like they’re brand new.

The Benefits Of Protecting Floors With Floor Cover

Just picture this. Your latest renovation client has already decided to go with wooden flooring for their property. It’s been installed, and they’re satisfied that it matches the style and budget for their new home. How do you bring in your painting or ceiling installation equipment and materials without causing so much as a scratch on the completed floor? All you need to do is bring your roll of Floor Cover and you’re good to go. You get the job done and improve your score for customer satisfaction at the same time.

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Reduces the risk of damage during renovations and new builds. 

When it comes to building projects, sometimes it’s the little things that spoil the experience for a client. Like a nasty scratch on a lovely wooden floor.

Renovations and New Builds

Here’s why Floorcover makes such good sense:

Save time.

It has pre-glued backing, so you just roll out and cut to size.


Stays in place.

Once layed, it doesn’t slide around.


It’s tough.

Floorcover is made of a ductile material that is almost tear-proof.

No tape required.

It’s pre-glued, so there’s no mucking about with tape.


Climbs stairs with ease.

It’s pre-glued, so it bonds to both tread and riser.


Works everywhere.

Parquet, wall-to-wall carpets, tiles, laminates, PVC, stone and the list goes on.


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