Laying Kährs and Linnea with Woodloc®

The Woodloc® laying system replaces the traditional method of joining boards by gluing the tongue and groove together. With the Woodloc® joint, the parquet boards are locked together with almost invisible joins.

The rows of boards align themselves automatically, so you avoid any gaps when laying. You don't use glue. Instead, Woodloc® joins together quickly, easily and firmly, giving perfect results that withstand tough use and last throughout the life of the floor.

Because Woodloc® floors are laid without glue, the boards can also be easily separated and re-laid elsewhere.

Laying a Kahrs wooden floor Step 1

5 Simple Steps

1. Begin in a corner and lay from the left.
A practical advantage: the gap between the long sides and the wall can be adjusted later, when three rows have been laid.

Laying a Kahrs wooden floor Step 2

2. Press the next board at an angle to the first and at the same time lay it onto the floor.
The rows align themselves automatically. 
Cut the last board in the first row to the correct length, and start the next row with the piece left over.

Laying a Kahrs wooden floor Step 3

3. Press the board at an angle to the board in front. 
Push the board forwards, simultaneously pressing it down gradually onto the floor.

Laying a Kahrs wooden floor Step 4

4. Press a Kährs laying wedge under the end of the previously laid board. 
Press the end of the next board in at an angle, and lay it flat.

Laying a Kahrs wooden floor Step 5

5. Using a Kährs tapping block, tap in the board's long edge carefully until it fits snugly. Complete laying instructions are included in the flooring packs.