Make the most of A Medium WOOD FLOOR 

Because the colour of your floor affects the sense of light and space in a room, medium wood floors offer a wide range of design options. While darker floors absorb light and make the room feel smaller, a floor with lots of colours offers more reflected light, and different décor possibilities.

Oak floors are a perfect example of this. The wonderfully versatile oak species are the wood of choice for many interiors, offering a range of different effects depending on stain, size and shape of the board as well as natural characteristics of the wood itself. With such a wide variety of design possibilities, you’re sure to love your new medium wood floor. 


Kahrs_Wooden_Flooring_Cherry Savannah

Cherry Savannah

Cherry Savannah is a reddish/pink floor with strips selected to provide a subdued, harmonious impression.

Strip: 3 Strip

Kahrs_Wooden_Flooring_Cherry linnea

Cherry Linnea

Cherry Linnea is a reddish-brown floor in a regular grade. Available with the following surface treatments: silk, matt, lacquer.

Thickness: 7mm
Strip: 2 Strip

Oak Chevron L. Brown.jpg


Chevron boards are partially hand-made, giving a unique appearance to every board. Therefore, the tolerance of bevel precision has an allowance of 3 mm for a maximum of three lamellas in a row between a left & right board. Chevron Light Brown is a warm oak floor with occasional knots, cracks and fillings. This product requires an, after installation, maintenance treatment using Kährs Satin Oil Matt.