Going from carpets to wooden floors is a good decision to make. It not only adds beauty to your home with its timeless sophistication, but it also reduces a build-up of dust and can be better for your sinuses. A lot of homeowners choose to make the switch from carpet to hardwood floors, without realising that removing a carpet and installing a wooden floor is no simple task, even if you aren’t doing it yourself. Whichever option you go for, here’s what the process of carpet removal and wooden floor installation involves.

  • First, You Empty The Room

This is a pretty straightforward part of the process that you can do before the installers arrive to save time. Make sure you allocate space where you’ll put the contents of the room while the installation is taking place. While outside might be a good choice, you’ll need to 100% certain that the weather will be good. People also tend to forget that the doors need to be removed too, which will also require a lot of space.

  • Prepare For The Dust

When removing your carpets and underlying insulation, be prepared for a mess. Carpets collect a lot of dust and removing them will release years of stored up dust into your home. This is before the sanding down of your wooden floors, which will release even more dust. You can save yourself some cleaning time by blocking off rooms that you’d prefer not having dust in. Do this by closing the doors and sealing them with tape and plastic to make it as dust proof as possible.

  • The Floor Work Begins

Different types of wooden floors (such as hardwood, engineered wood, and wooden laminates) follow different installation processes, but for the most part, your subfloor needs to be prepped before installing the wooden floor. It needs to be smoothed over and resin paper needs to be laid down before the installation. The wood may also need to be stored in the room before being installed for it to adjust to moisture levels in the room and you might need to apply several protective layers as a final step to prevent scuffing and dents.

After your hardwood floors have then been installed, you’ll need to clean up again and possibly air out the room, after which you can refill the room and enjoy your new floors. While a DIY job might be fun or something you enjoy, this might be one job that’s better left in the hands of professionals. Save yourself the hard work and let the Wooden Floor Company take care of the installation.