Deciding to install wooden floors in your home is a decision you’ll never regret. If you’ve chosen this for your home, you’ll know that you can’t compare it to anything else. It’s something that you can install and enjoy for many years to come – even if you change your home’s décor and design, wooden flooring is incredibly versatile. Make sure that your flooring never looks out of place by choosing the right shade of timber for your lifestyle. Light and dark timber flooring will have differing effects on your environment, so consider the following.

1. Think About How Frequently The Room Will Be Used

How much maintenance would you like to spend on your flooring in the future? A lighter or mixed-shade timber floor is the better option for a room with lots of traffic. If you have children, pets, or entertain often, your floor will experience more wear and tear. Dark floors show up scratches, dents or scuff marks more obviously than light ones. They are also less forgiving hiding dust and dirt.

2. Size Matters - Create The Optical Illusion You Want

Light timber flooring creates the illusion of space. On the other hand, dark timber flooring is cozier. The choice is yours, and neither is wrong. You can pick your preference based on what you aim to achieve with each space. Dark flooring will make tiny rooms look and feel even smaller. When placing dark floors in a large room, you can anchor the area and make it seem well lived in.

3. Does The Surrounding Setup Agree?

Remember that your floor doesn’t exist in isolation. It must work well with the furniture and decor you have. You can play around with contrast and matching to achieve the desired effect. Warm-coloured furniture looks good in a room with dark timber floors. Lighter timber flooring enhances bright colours and patterns. It’s all about what you like.

4. Natural Lighting Can Either Work For Or Against The Shade

The amount of light that comes into your home can make or break the effect of your timber flooring. Remember the points made about dark flooring showing dirt and damage quicker? Imagine the state of your floors amplified by bright light. If you'd rather they look their best in any lighting, lighter flooring is your best bet. A room with mood enhancing lighting can pull off darker floors effortlessly.

Ready to make your final choice? To browse a wide range of timber flooring in a variety of shades, visit the Wooden Floor Company today.