4Your family will enjoy many benefits when you choose to install wood floors in your home. But, you need to be consistent with the maintenance and care of the flooring to ensure that you can enjoy this beautiful home feature for years to come. Wood floors are designed with style and durability in mind, and you can maximise the lifespan of these products by following these tips:

1. Use Rugs and Floor Runners

In high-traffic areas of your home, consider the use of floor runners and rugs to minimise the daily wear and tear on the floors. Be strategic with the placement of these rugs and runners to make your home more comfortable and stylish. Adding the extra layer on top of your original flooring will bring colour into the room and protect the flooring from the pitter-patter of feet throughout the day.

2. Avoid Standing Liquids

Spills happen, especially when the wood floors are placed in the kitchen or dining room. Just because water or another liquid is spilled on the floor, it doesn’t mean that the flooring will be ruined. You should be proactive to clean up the water as soon as possible to prevent stains on the wood.

3. Pet Care to Protect the Floors

If you have pets in the house, then the animals could increase the wear and tear on your flooring. Keep the animal’s nails trimmed so that they don’t scratch the wood when walking or running. Additionally, be proactive to clean up any accidents as soon as they occur. When a pet soils the flooring, it can leave a stain and a lasting smell in the wood.

4. Resealing or Refinishing

Even when you are careful to protect your wooden floors, eventually they will need to be repaired, resealed, or refinished. These services can make the flooring look as good as new and extend the lifespan of the products. Talk to an experienced team for recommendations about the services that should be done for your flooring.

At The Wooden Floor Company, we are here to help with all of the wood flooring services that you need. Whether you are replacing the flooring in an existing home or you need installation for new construction, call us today for more information. We have more than 30 years of experience and have worked hard to build the reputation as one of the leading contractors in the Auckland area.


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