Wooden flooring has become increasingly sophisticated over the years, and with today’s focus on environmentally friendly materials, has become the flooring of choice for many homeowners. As production techniques have become more sophisticated, the selection of wooden flooring has increased, with the range of new wood types, styles and designs to choose from multiplying. While our parents used to carpet over wooden floors, today they become a style statement that speaks of luxury and quality.

Here are some more reasons why wooden floors are the best choice for New Zealand homes:

  • Quality wooden floors are manufactured from a renewable resource – which makes them a great choice if you care about protecting the environment.

  • A wooden floor adds substantial value to your home, and if cared for correctly, will last for generations.

  • They’re easily repairable

  • Wooden floors are ideal for people who suffer from allergies as they don’t collect and hold dust and other allergens.

  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy.

  • Wooden flooring won’t date as ceramic tiles will because a wood floor is a timeless design feature.

Wooden flooring adds a unique, warm feel to any home or business premises thanks to the rich textures and colours of the material. Depending on the style of flooring you choose, a wooden floor is perfect for any interior decor style, from a rustic cottage to an opulent mansion, a graphic design studio to a law office. Colours vary from beautiful light wood to earthy medium redwoods and sophisticated dark timbers that will add an elegant vibe to any home or office space.

At The Wooden Floor Company, we offer the best in engineered hardwood flooring from top global brands.

  • Kährs Linnea – timber flooring

  • Kährs Pre-finished, precision-milled timber flooring

  • Primatech - Flooring tools and accessories

  • Europlank – New-generation timber flooring

  • Solid wood flooring – traditional flooring

  • Native timber – available for hardwood and solid timber flooring (subject to availability)

  • Demolition native timbers – an alternative to harvested timbers

  • Eucalypts – an affordable option for office and home spaces

The Wooden Floor Company offers the most extensive choice of flooring options from global manufacturers renowned for quality products. Not only do we provide world-class quality products, but we also give our clients excellent product guarantees, such as a 30-year standard warranty on Kährs 15mm flooring and a 12-year warranty on 7mm flooring.

Once you’ve chosen your flooring, you can rely on us for all your installation needs. Whether you’re building a property from scratch or renovating an existing building, The Wooden Floor Company is the best place to source quality flooring in New Zealand.

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